You may have seen us:

We’re Revolutionizing the Product Rental Industry.

We understand life is worth enjoying and that’s why we designed Heron. 

Our mission is to declutter your lives and provide rentals for every occasion.

We know what it's like to want to start a new project, accommodate family and friends visiting from out of town and of course to celebrate our birthdays and accomplishments. 

Far too often, these things we buy for such occasions turn into things we stuff into a closet. And after only a handful of uses, these things we stuff into a closet turn into things we’ve thrown away.

We’re here to offer an alternate solution.

Heron was created as an online shopping experience for rental products. We provide tools, cleaning equipment, party products and so much more. With free delivery and rentals on demand we know you’ll never think about buying those things again.

We rent and deliver anything you don’t use enough to buy.