The price you see is for 24 hours. 

Of course! Items can be rented as many days you need it. For rentals over a month please contact us first for a quote. 

Absolutely. Discounts actually begin on the second day of your rental. The second and third day are 25% of the cost of the first. To give you a visual - here is the daily breakdown of pricing for a $100 item:

Day 1: $100

Day 2: $75

Day 3: $75

Day 4: $50 

Day 5: $50

Day 6: $25

Day 7: $25

The total price for one week would be $400 or essentially buy 4 get 3 free. 

We understand things come up - as long as you cancel within 48 hours of the start of your delivery window we'll immediately process a full refund. Within 48 hours you can reschedule for free or receive a 50% refund. To cancel reach out to us through the chat feature in the bottom left hand part of your screen or send us an email at 

Delivery and Pick Up

On the day of your order we inspect, sanitize, and package your item and all necessary accessories in one of our Heron colored bags or collapsible boxes. During your delivery window we drop the bag or box on your porch and send you a text to let you know it has arrived as well as any additional instructions that might be helpful. 

We deliver to all of Travis County for free.

If you live outside of Travis County, chat with us in the bottom left hand corner of your screen or email us at to inquire about pricing.

After you enter your address and contact information during the checkout process you will see a line item that says "Drop Off and Pick Up Window." Currently your options for delivery and pick up are 9-12 and 2-5. 

We always do our best to accommodate requests regarding when in the drop off window an item is delivered, if you have a request just chat us with your name and date and requested time or email at 

Generally no. For some more expensive items we may contact you to set up a prearranged time to pick up and deliver the items. We understand our delivery windows aren't always convenient times for someone to be home - so we'll make every effort to find a prearranged time that works for you and Heron.

Yes! If you order by noon we can deliver your item in the 2 to 5 delivery and pick up window. 

The delivery window (9-12 or 2-5) you chose is also your pick up window. Put your items back outside your door at the beginning of the window and we'll pick them up. Simple as that!


Hours and hours of research went into choosing our inventory down to the very brand, model, and sometimes even color. Our main priorities were quality and ease of use.