Themed Toy Box FAQ

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The price you see is for 24 hours.

We understand things come up - as long as you cancel within 48 hours you can reschedule for free or receive a credit to use on your next order! To cancel, reach out to us through the chat feature in the bottom left hand part of your screen or send us an email at

Absolutely! As long as we have availability we’re more than happy to extend your reservation. All you need to do is send an email or reply to the delivery text by midnight the day before your reservation ends with the details of your extension request. We will update the reservation on our end and charge the additional amount to the credit card on file.

You can email Heron at and we will help you as needed

Delivery and Pick Up

We deliver to virtually all of Travis County for free. Parts of Travis County are nearly 35 miles from our warehouses at 5555 North Lamar. We may impose a small delivery fee for orders over 20 miles away from our warehouses even if they are still in Travis County.

If you live outside of Travis County, chat with us in the bottom left hand corner of your screen or email us at to inquire about pricing.

Due to high gas prices we have temporarily suspended service to western Travis County including but not limited to Bee Cave, Lakeaway, and Steiner Ranch as of April 15, 2022.

The day before your reservation we pick your order up from Toybrary!  During your delivery window we drop the toy box on your porch and send you a text to let you know it has arrived as well as any additional instructions that might be helpful.

There are two delivery windows: 9-12 and 2-5. During these delivery windows our cargo van is loaded up with all orders needed to be dropped off or picked up and we head out on the most efficient route possible.

The delivery window (9-12 or 2-5) you chose is also your pick up window. Put your items back outside your door at the beginning of the window and we'll pick them up. Simple as that!

If for some reason a gate code is not provided or a wrong address is given and we are left more than 15 minutes behind schedule due to this, one of three things may happen:

-Your order will arrive at a later time. Either on the tail end of the original delivery window or it will be moved to the next window. For example if your order cannot be delivered during your original 9-12 window it may be moved to the 2-5 window.

-If your order is during a later window or a particularly busy route you will be charged an inconvenience fee of $25 if we need to return to your home.

-If for some reason gaining access to your home has proven too difficult, your order will be canceled

The toys are inspected and sanitized before being sent out so no need for a deep clean; however, removing any visible dirt or grime is expected.

The theme boxes are composed of two different size options, each with several themes to choose from. The mini options of 3-5 toys and the standard options of 8-10 toys are made to order based on the themed box you chose. While you cannot choose the specific toys that will be included, you can trust the toys personally picked out for you by Toybrary will be well worth the surprise! 

No, the large full party set up boxes are not surprises. They will be made up of exactly what has been listed and photographed for you on the product page.

No, the large full party set up boxes will be made up of exactly what has been listed and photographed for you on the product page.

Because the mystery toy boxes were created to allow customers to experience some of what Toybrary has to offer without purchasing a monthly membership, the option to choose specific toys is not available for the mystery toy boxes.

Because we need to coordinate with Toybrary and allow them time to process and create your mystery toy box order, there is no same day delivery option.

Based on Toybrary’s policy, if you damage or misplace an item you can replace it with an item comparable to what was lost or broken, pay a fine or buy a new toy. For more, you can contact Toybrary: 


-Call: 512.765.4174

-Text: 512.507.4552

You will receive a delivery text from Heron. Please make sure to use the correct number at checkout.