Weekly Toy Delivery FAQ

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Toybrary Toy Boxes can be delivered anywhere Heron delivers. We deliver to virtually all of Travis County and northern suburbs. Parts of Travis County are nearly 35 miles from our warehouses at 5555 North Lamar. We may impose a small delivery fee for orders over 20 miles away from our warehouses even if they are still in Travis County.

If you live outside of Travis County, chat with us in the bottom left hand corner of your screen or email us at help@rentheron.com to inquire about pricing.

If you already have a Toybrary Membership you can add on the delivery option by emailing info@toybraryaustin.com. If you would like to start a membership you can do that on Toybrary’s website and be sure to add the delivery option at checkout!

This depends on the Toybrary membership you purchased. There are options for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Whichever you have, you will receive deliveries every Sunday.

On Friday you will receive a reminder text from Heron reminding you of your Sunday dropoff. Your new toys will arrive between 9-3 every Sunday of your membership. You will receive a delivery text once your toys have been dropped off and exchanged.

Check out the Weekly Toy Delivery How it Works Page for more!

Between 9am and 3pm every Sunday.

If your membership starts after the weekly Thursday deadline, you will receive your first toy delivery the following Sunday.

You will be billed the same day your Toybrary Membership is billed.

If the toys are not out for the exchange or a gate code was not provided to allow access, our driver will have to move on to ensure the rest of the route can be completed on time. However your toy order will be returned to Toybrary and you can drop off your previous toys as well as pick up your new toys at any time Toybrary is open.

You can absolutely do that! Please respond to your Friday reminder text and let us know you won’t have your toys out for pickup so we can remove you from the route.

You can cancel your add-on at any time however if it is canceled after you have already been billed for the month, we cannot issue a refund.

Based on Toybrary’s policy, if you damage or misplace an item you can replace it with an item comparable to what was lost or broken, pay a fine or buy a new toy. For more, you can contact Toybrary: 

Email: info@toybraryaustin.com

Phone: 512.765.4174

Text: 512.507.4552

You will receive a delivery text from Heron.

Weekly toy deliveries will only be made on Sundays. If you'd like an extra delivery of toy rentals though check out our toy box options!

Absolutely you can! Just be sure to specify on the provided feedback form and Toybrary will do their very best to accommodate!

The toys are inspected and sanitized before being sent out so no need for a deep clean; however, removing any visible dirt or grime is expected.

Absolutely they can! This membership does not limit your access to Toybrary it simply adds weekly delivery.

Absolutely! As long as there is availability we’re more than happy to extend your reservation. All you need to do is send an email or reply to the delivery text by midnight the day before your reservation ends with the details of your extension request. We will update the reservation on our end and charge the additional amount to the credit card on file. The discounted multi-day rate will still apply.

This depends on the Toybrary membership you purchased. There are options for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Whichever you have, you will receive deliveries every Sunday.